Vision & Mission


To be the most customer responsive API manufacturing company in the healthcare business and to become a leading API with a strong focus on research & innovation.

 Mission and Core Values

  • To achieve growth in business by:
  •  Transparency in business policies
  •  Attaining globally competitive cost of its products
  •  Enhancing the value we deliver to stakeholders
  •  Committing to corporate responsibility
  •  Creating an environment that fosters achievement, innovation and teamwork
  •  Treating excellence as a journey and not as a destination
  •  Commitment to offer quality products
  •  Encouraging individual entrepreneurial spirit

 Quality Policy

  • We are committed to satisfy our customers' needs & expectations. We understand & believe we can meet commitments to customers by:
  •  Employee - Vendor Involvement
  •  Adopting Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  •  Quality management system with continual improvement
  •  Emphasis on environmental protection