Our R & D Lab Approved By DSIR: Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Delhi Govt of India.

R & D's 33 scientists make Mangalam's most proactive and market responsive team. The team has an excellent blend of dynamic post graduates who are on one hand productive at the bench and are simultaneously capable to address any formidable synthetic or analytical challenge on the other.

The department's interventions in the processing chain span from the performance testing and validation of price competitive raw materiel to the optimization of processes to meet most stringent stability and quality requirements. However simple may be the process-change; the piloting of a lab process is considered a prerequisite to learn safety and mass transfer issues which may become major technology transfer hurdles while scaling up.

Dedicated pilot plant and analytical services facility work in close association with R & D. R & D is a 'game changer'. At present we have 7 ARVs, 2 anti TB, 1 anti malaria and 1 other development candidates populating the pipeline.